Why Bloggers need a Brand Plan

Bloggers, wondering how to make your blog better?  You’re already creating great content, promoting via Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc., but still want to do more to build your blog. 

Why not create a Brand Plan?  What is a Brand Plan?  This definition ofBrand Strategy by CarlyStec sums it up nicely. 

“Brand strategy is a plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals that can be achieved with the evolution of a successful brand — the combined components of your company’s character that make it identifiable.”

In short, your Brand Strategy is what actions you plan to take involving your Brand to grow and/or strengthen your business – in this case – your Blog.

Part 1:  Why?

But what does a Brand Strategy do for your Blog?

  • Helps you Connect with your viewers
  • Makes your blog (& products, videos, apps, books)stand out
  • Creates confidence/trust in your words
  • Gives a clear & consistent message across all channels to create brand loyalty
  • Increases laymen’s recognition of your expertise as the one to trust 
  • Consolidates Brand image across all media to provide consistent visuals to viewers
  • Creates a brand that: loyal consumers can’t wait to share & Influencers can’t wait to quote
  • Builds a community around you as the brand
  • Allows you to surprise and delight with your brand
  • Creates a rubric (set of rules) to follow for each target market and each social media outlet to make sure you are reaching your readers clearly
  • Helps to monetize your blog
  • Increases lists of followers to get a larger audience

Look for next post from Small Business, Big Brand containing the 
Quick guide to creating a Brand Strategy for Bloggers to come in Part 2!

Having a strong Brand Strategy will help you consistently surprise & delight your customers, making them not only loyal but advocates and promoters of your Brand.