Tips for Marketing to Millennials

As a business owner, you are always looking to grow your business with new customers.

From my experience as a small business & consumer products goods marketer, I have collected the best ways to reach customers.

These valuable tips show how to connect with your new customers & next target market, Millennials.  

4 tips to successful Millennial Marketing 


Dedicate time to get to know what Millennials have to say & what they need. 

Go Mobile 

Simplify your communications & media to easily work on mobile devices.

Recheck your Quality

Make sure your products, advertising, social media & services are of the highest quality.

Generate buzz

Give them exciting, unique & dynamic content that gets them talking about your product.  They will reward you with good reviews & new loyal customers.  

Take the time to get to know what Millennials need and you will be rewarded with new customers from this important market segment. 

See my summaries of the articles below for more expert tips on Millenial Marketing.

In 5 Tips for Marketing to MillennialsMichael Fleischner discusses how to reach Millennials as a target market.  The core message for all five tips is to communicate with Millennials directly.  First, reach them by going where they are in social media and listening to what they have to say.  Then, creatively and consistently communicate directly with Millennials and give them the opportunity to easily communicate back and forth with your brand.    

In 3Essential Tips for Marketing to MillennialsSujan Patelencourages marketers to really get to know millennials and although they are a diverse group, find common ways to reach them.  First, he recommends optimizing your marketing communication to work flawlessly on mobile devices.  Next, he suggests seeking help from their social world.  Millennials connect with and trust their social groups, which include friends and influencers they trust.  Additionally, he emphasizes how creating engaging and relevant content is essential with this target market.  This content will in turn help Millennials with one of their core goals – finding simple solutions to real life problems.     

In 5 Tips forMarketing to Millennials from a MillennialRyan Doneganreminds businesses to take Millennials seriously and give them credit for the research they do before making a purchase.  He insists businesses take quality seriously as Millennials will expect great service and great products.   Another powerful tip is to make it easy to purchase your product through one click purchasing.  And finally, he suggests giving Millennials something to talk about.  Without engaging content, your brand will never go up on their social wall or on their must buy list.

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