Calls to Action: Get your customers to click

What is a call to action? 

A marketing device designed to get your target market to: buy, click or share information immediately.

In social media, a call to action normally refers to

  1. a button that sends them to a page for you to gather information from them and in exchange give them some information or a free product OR
  2. a request for them to retweet, share or like something you posted. 

Why create a call to action? 

To get to know your target market better…
So you can give them the product or service they really want and need.  

All to increase your ROI. 

Create click through by being more relevant, more authentic, more interesting.

The more you interact with your target market in a community setting the better you can anticipate their needs – surprise & delight them with a product they can’t wait to buy & will hopefully recommend to others. 

How to create calls to action that stand out

Use Smart CTAs 

Creates a unique button that is matched to different viewer groups, so they see something they are more motivated to click and fill out.  Smart CTAs can be sorted by lifecycle stage, trigger event, device type, language or other description. 

In the end, by sorting your potential customers ahead of their interaction with your brand you can reduce the number of clicks to a sale. 

Fewer clicks means

  1. less chance they will buy elsewhere
  2. less effort for your customer to get what they want 
  3. much happier customers

Example:  Think of the difference between driving to the store to buy your favorite toothpaste versus knowing a new tube at a great price will automatically be delivered to your front door every 3 months without having to do anything or go anywhere. 

Tell them what they get by clicking

Be completely open and obvious about exactly what they will get if they click through and share their email with you.  

No games, no trickery.  Just the truth.

Otherwise they will not come back and not recommend or give a high review of your product.  

Tell them exactly what to do

Again be completely clear, concise and obvious.  Simple directions lead to desired actions.

Examples:  Click here for a Free eBook, Like, Retweet, Share, comment, reply, type in your email address, click here to buy this product

Talk to them in their own language and follow their rules

If they are on twitter, use a twitter friendly call to action.  
If they are using Instagram.  Use an Instagram friendly call to action.

See the links below in my resource section from Tim Brown on how to do each social media platform right.  Thank you, Tim!

Create a time limit

Give them an incentive to click through now…Don’t let them stray away and forget why they were intrigued.

Give-a-ways or contests are fine, but use a timed or limited quantity incentive for a long-term strategy. 

Example:  First 15 to send in their email address get access to a free webinar on cutting edge social media marketing tools. 

Go create amazing CTAs:  make your customers happy, make your sales team happy & increase your social media marketing ROI. 

Resources for more information from Experts

7 Tips for Creating a Call to Action on Social Media  by Sam Hurley

Summary: Comparing a game & momentum altering basketball maneuver to a call to action… why yes, I do want to read the whole article.  Sam Hurley is a master at making social media marketing more fun.  Another great check list while creating your call to action. 

How to use CTA’S on Social Media by Tim Brown

Summary:  a basic guide for everyone on what calls to action are, how to do them the right way and what they can do for your brand, company, product

5 Tips to Create an Irresistible Call to Action by Vaibhav Kakkar

Summary:  As always, the team from Jeff Bullas is committed to giving great, consistent advice.  My recommendation for a blueprint to create your call to action. 

Call-to-Action Best Practices by HubSpot

Summary:  a few simple tricks to make your CTA more effective.

HubSpot Competitors: 8 Alternatives to the PopularMarketing Automation System  by Caroline Malamut

Summary: A terrific comparison of 8 marketing software options

Resources on how to create call to action by social media platform

Thank you to Tim Brown for this useful list!

Heather H. Bennett is a marketing strategist, personal brand coach, and author of Fun and Fulfilling Careers One Question at a Time. Heather lives and works in Chicago, Illinois and is passionate about helping businesses and professionals build strong brands to connect with their target market and reach their personal and professional goals.  

Find Heather via Twitter @creativebrandch &


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